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A woman running in front of a snowy landscape

Gear for colder weather

Layer up for winter

There's no such thing as bad weather... Stock up on easy to match running tops and bottoms so you can focus on your training, not your outfit.

A man wearing the fusion hybrid jacket
Fusion Hybrid Jacket

Windproof, water-resistant and packable, this jacket will be your new best friend for runs in any weather.

Runner on track wearing Brooks gear
How to stay warm and dry on a cold and blustery day

Comfy winter running is all about layering appropriately. Choosing the proper materials and stacking them in the right order helps us accomplish ideal conditions for great winter running.

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Runner wearing Brooks gear
New year running tips

How often should you run as a beginner?

Made a resolution to start running in 2022? You're going to love it! Don't worry if you're unsure how to get started - we've got everything you need to know, including how often you should run.

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Stories to transform your run

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  • Brooks illustration
    Reap the head-to-toe benefits of the run

    We take a look at how running can lead to whole-body health.

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  • Music
    Songs for your stride

    5 running playlists to help you keep moving

    Get the tunes
  • A woman stretching
    5 myths about run bras

    Wondering how to sort through all advice on running bras out there? We’re here to help.

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  • Reflective bolts
    Side view of a woman and a man running in the dark
    A runner geared up in the Brooks Run Visible collection
    Stay safe in the dark

    As the days get shorter, running in the dark becomes part of our routine. But how can you ensure you stay safe and visible? Our tips have you covered.

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