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Women's track & cross country shoes

When seconds matter, spikes for sprints, middle distance and cross country make all the difference.

11 running shoes
11 running shoes

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Womens track spikes

Level up your competitive running performance with a pair of women's track shoes or cross country spikes for women. Browse the selection of competitive running and training shoes to find the type that works best where you like to run.

Know the purpose for your women's track spikes

You'll find some women's track shoes with spikes in this collection that work for a variety of purposes, but it's important to realize running spikes vary.

For example, women's sprint spikes are designed to support all-weather grip and traction on hard surfaces, helping you shave off microseconds on short run times. In contrast, distance track spikes help support traction and comfort for long-distance runs, and cross country spikes are made to grip a variety of surfaces so you can run in slick grass or mud.

Shop women's track shoes

Whether you're looking for women's track cleats as a competitive runner or just want some women's running spikes to stabilize you when jogging through fields, you have numerous options.

The Mach 19 fits the bill for women's track shoes with spikes that can also venture cross country, and the Wire v6 provides traction for long-distance runners on the track. And if you're looking for traction without spikes, that's possible too. Shoes such as the Hyperion boast features like rebounding rubber to grip the ground and support powerful push offs.