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Running shoes best for supination

Does your weight shift to the outside of your foot while running? We’ve got you covered. Check out running shoes that were designed with underpronation in mind.

38 running shoes
38 running shoes

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Supination running shoes

Supination occurs when your ankles roll to the outside of your feet when you walk or run. While there's not necessarily a right way to run supination can lead to a type of gait that reduces your body's ability to take impact without issue when running. Supination running shoes can help correct that roll and ensure running is more comfortable and safe for you.

Best running shoes for supination

The same shoes that are good for neutral runners may also be good for runners that supinate. This is because they don't overcorrect or push the ankle to roll more. Look for supination shoes that minimize corrections while providing ample support and cushion for impacts, especially if you run on pavement or other hard surfaces.

Options to consider include the Levitate 4, Gycerine 19 and Ghost 13. But there are plenty of supination running shoes to choose from, so you can easily find options that fit your personal style and hold up to the type of running you want to do.

Consider waterproof or weather-resistant options if you're a runner who doesn't fear the elements, and look for soles with stickier grip if you want to swap between the sidewalk and the grass on your runs.