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The Run Visible Collection

Not enough hours in the day? Now you don’t need them. Run any time after daylight hours with our Run Visible Collection.

29 products
29 products

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Run visible collection

Show up for your evening run — literally — when you wear night running apparel equipped with targeted reflectivity.

Why run at the end of the day?

You've got your reasons for running after the daylight hours are over. Sometimes you can't get the run in before the sun goes down, and in the winter, you may not get home from work until after dark. In some climates, the dimmer hours of the evening provide shade and cooler air that can make your jog more enjoyable. Plus, there's always the benefit of pounding the day's cares away on the pavement. Whatever reason you're running at dusk or in the dark, gear up with night running apparel.

Night running gear for added safety

Men's and women's night running gear is made with reflective fabric strips and patches in strategic locations. These targeted areas catch the light of oncoming traffic or street lamps, reflecting brightly so people can see there's a runner on the road or path.

For cool evenings, zip into a Carbonite jacket with reflective strips on the chest, arms and back, or pull on Carbonite gloves or a hat for added reflection over your entire body. Both women's and men's night running gear options include bottoms with targeted reflection, such as the Carbonite tights, and you can even don socks with reflective strips for good measure.