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Design that keeps you moving

The world has enough distractions without your gear getting in the way. That’s why we use apparel technology made for distraction-free comfort, not just style. Inspired by the experience of thousands of everyday athletes, Brooks gear is infused with runner DNA right down to the last detail.

Two runners running across a street

Three things we promise with every run:

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Chafe free:

Doesn't rub or irritate your skin.

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Constriction free:

Doesn’t cling or bind and is easy to get on and off.

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Creep free:

Won’t ride up or down when you run.

Sweat-wicking fabrics that keep you at peak performance.

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Man wearing yellow canopy jacket
DriLayer® Seal:

Lets the heat out without letting the elements in.

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Two runners legs
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DriLayer® Threshold:

Helps you retain body warmth while removing moisture.

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Runner in leggings
DriLayer® Horsepower:

Holds you in for a supportive and compressed feel.

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Brooks t-shirt
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DriLayer® Burst:

Keeps odors away all the way to the finish line.

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Eye-catching when you need it most

How do you spot a human in the dark? We work with leading optical scientists to understand how the eye discerns objects in low-light scenarios.

The result is the Run Visible Collection, a family of high-contrast gear that makes it easier for drivers to see you at night.

Ready to dig into some new topics?

Running Responsibly

We’re taking a stand on issues like climate change and sustainable production.

Illustrated Earth