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Let's find you a better bra.

Our bodies are built to run. Your bra should be too. Just tell us what you like — and don’t like. We’ll find your perfect match.

Estimated Time: 5 minutes

What size bra do you usually wear for running?

Feel free to use both types of sizing, or just one.

Select your size:

Or choose from the sizes below:

How do you want your bra to feel while running?

These bras deliver a locked-in feel thanks to encapsulation-led support. Built-in cups add shaping.

These bras reduce bounce without sacrificing flexibility using compression-led support. No added shaping.

Show me all the options.

We’re kind of like bra therapists.

Tell us what issues you’ve had with your sports bras.

What bothers you about your bra?

Around my bra straps

Around my bottom band

Around my back

Under my arms

Around my chest

Now let’s get in to what you love.

Tell us what you want in your running bra.

How do you like to adjust your bra?

Choose your favorite back designs:

Choose the kind of cups you prefer:

Gathering your results...