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Two runners legs mid sprint on a track.

All-new Launch 8

It’s a fast favorite

The Launch has always been our go-to for a fast, fun ride. Our newest version has the lightweight feel runners love, now with the option of trusted GuideRails® support.

A neon yellow Launch 8 and a light pink Launch GTS 8.

What’s the difference?

The latest Launch, now in neutral or support

Check out the neutral Launch 8 if you don’t need added support for your stride. Or, choose the supportive Launch GTS 8 — GTS stands for Go-To Support — featuring GuideRails® technology. Located in the midsole and engineered with your knees in mind, GuideRails support keeps excess movement in check.

What they have in common

The Launch 8 and Launch GTS 8

Lightweight performance

Updated BioMoGo DNA cushioning is lighter than ever and just as responsive, so you’re ready for speed.

Quick transitions

Springy rubber in the forefoot creates a responsive feel to propel you forward.

Enhanced breathability

New air mesh upper offers better ventilation for your best run.

Choose your shoe

illustration of Brooks shoes and a pinned location.

Need more help deciding?

Try our Shoe Finder quiz or head to a store near you.