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Brooks Inspiring Coaches Program

Coaches do more than shape our runs — they shape our lives. The Brooks Inspiring Coaches Program is all about recognizing the coaches who help young athletes through their journeys.

Brooks inspiring coaches program winner photos on blue background

Who & why

The program honors high school coaches who help and motivate young runners every day. Coaches are the mentors and inspiration behind millions of athletes. This recognition is just one way to say thanks.


If you know a high school coach who’s had an impact on student athletes, submit their name here.

Student athletes show why they love their coaches

Coaches are the beating heart of our sport. If we're lucky, we've all had a coach that taught us about more than running, helped us to reach goals we might not have thought possible, buoyed us up when we fell short, and gave us the strength to get back up again, all while serving as equal parts anchor and inspiration.

See how much coaches mean to these student athletes

Because 2020 and 2021 have been so tough for student athletes, we are awarding 486 coaches this year. That's right, 486 high school track and cross-country coaches have been an inspiration to their athletes and deserve to be honored. All 486 will receive a gift box curated by Brooks.

Previous winners

Tim Severa coaching at Borah High School in front of stadium
Tim Severa

Borah High School Track & Field and YMCA running club "Team Idaho", Boise, ID. Working with youth at every level, organizing races, and helping Boise's refugee population find stability and belonging, Coach Severa invites students to be part of his team and find success on and off the track.

Nicole Vetter in school gymnasium
Nicole Vetter

Thomas Jefferson Track & Field, Council Bluffs, Iowa | For over 20 years, Nicole Vetter has made an undeniably positive impact on the Council Bluffs community as a physical education teacher, track coach, and Special Olympics coordinator.

Close up portrait photo of Denise Benson
Denise Benson

Lexington High School Cross Country, Lexington, OH | Denise Benson has had success with state titles and all-star athletes; however, her true influence is in getting her teams to battle for something larger than themselves and to focus on growing together.

Gwen Robertson wearing a Brooks track and field championship sweater
Gwen Robertson

Issaquah High School Track & Field, Issaquah, WA | Gwen Robertson has inspired many young runners not just to realize their athletic potential, but to become leaders in the running community. More than 20 of her former athletes are now coaches themselves.

Neville Anderson
Neville Anderson

Athens Academy Cross Country, Athens, GA | Moving from Jamaica to the U.S. as a child gave Neville Anderson an understanding of sacrifice and ambition — something he uses today to help his athletes become the best versions of themselves.

Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson

Cary-Grove High School Girls Track & Field, Cary, IL | Splitting his time between coaching the Cary Grove High School track team and volunteering for his local chapter of the Special Olympics, Mark Anderson has always known how inclusive and empowering running could be.

Giving young runners a leg up

The Brooks Booster Club is a needs-based program that provides performance running footwear, apparel, and funding to under-resourced cross country and track teams.

Des Linden on running track with young students
Nicole Vetter standing in highschool gym


When are nominations open?

Nominations are rolling year to year, so nominate away!

Do you have to be an athlete to nominate a coach?

No way! We love to hear from parents, other coaches, former athletes, administrators, shop owners, observant passerby - in short, anyone who has been inspired.

Does the nominee have to coach at the high school level?


More questions?

Take a peek at the contest rules for full program details.